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Meet Dr. Sundeep Chohan

As a Physician Psychotherapist with certification from the Medical Psychotherapy Association of Canada, Dr. Sundeep Chohan has a special interest in primary mental health care, addiction medicine, and sleep disorders. He has treated military Veterans, first-line emergency responders, civilians with PTSD, and patients with a variety of behavioral and substance addictions, including gaming and gambling disorders.

Dr. Chohan worked for four years on the frontlines of the North American opioid crisis in the largest opioid agonist treatment clinic in Canada and provided addiction treatment for a variety of patients struggling with substance misuse. He has managed patients with a history of dependency on prescribed medications using a deprescribing approach to help them transition to safer or more appropriate treatments. Dr. Chohan has also worked with patients from psychologically traumatized communities from across the world, including survivors of genocide and war crimes, victims of large-scale disasters and mass shootings, and former child soldiers and refugees.

Background and Education

Dr. Chohan graduated from University College, London Medical School, with degrees in Medicine, Neuroscience, and Software Engineering. He has worked in some of the UK’s most distinguished central London hospitals and has established offices in London’s prestigious Harley Street since 2008. He holds current registration with the UK General Medical Council (GP register), Membership of the UK Royal College of General Practitioners and the College of Family Physicians, Canada, and is a member of the International Society of Addiction Medicine, the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine, and the International Society for the Study of Emerging Drugs.

Dr. Chohan has trained in a range of therapies, including reconsolidation therapy (Brunet), prolonged exposure therapy (Harvard), CBT (Mass General), motivational interviewing (Harvard), and other psychological modalities. He also worked at the Nova Scotia Operational Stress Injury for Canadian Armed Forces Veterans and RCMP.

Dr. Chohan is interested in emerging and novel med-tech technologies for mental health and has used VR/AR psychotherapy, biofeedback, and biomonitoring. He holds a Master of Science in Object-Oriented Software Systems (London) and focused his BSc Neuroscience research on transcranial magnetic stimulation.