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Stay Active


Whether you’re looking to recharge, reconnect, or reenergize, there’s always something to do at All Points North Lodge. We’ve created an optimal healing environment with plenty of year-round activities for you to process what you’re learning in treatment outside of therapy.

A client grabs free weights from the rack at the gym.

The Gym at APN

We’ve built a full gym designed by professional athletes so you can support your emotional and physical well-being during treatment. Exercise can help you create a healthy daily routine and embody the work you’re doing in therapy. Set goals, challenge yourself, and push your limits in a healthy environment.

Clients enjoying Movie Night at All Points North Lodge.

Movie Nights

There’s nothing like Movie Night at the Lodge. Sit back and relax on our comfy white couches with a blanket, some popcorn, and new friends. Laugh, cry, and discover a new world outside of the therapy environment with a movie on the big screen.

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A woman lays on a massage table while a masseuse works on her shoulder.

The Spa at APN

We believe self-care is an essential part of healing. The Spa at APN offers massage, facials, physical therapy, acupuncture, and self-guided services exclusive to clients staying at the Lodge. Our spa services offer a physical component of treatment that helps you process trauma, addiction, and mental health issues in a tangible way.

*Additional Cost

Two clients talk at the indoor pool at All Points North Lodge with a snowy scene outside.


Take a dip in one of our stunning pools for a bit of exercise or a moment of relaxation. Our indoor and outdoor pool combination allows clients to indulge in a swim during every season, no matter the weather outside.

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Aerial view of the All Points North Lodge, surrounded by forest-covered mountains

Tour the Lodge

See it to believe it. Take our virtual tour of All Points North Lodge to click your way through all our campus has to offer. See the 360 tour of our client suites, lounge, dining room, spa, pool, theater, gym and yoga studio. Or schedule a time to tour us in person.

A client waits for the pins to reset at the bowling alley.


Bowling is a great opportunity to work on your hand-eye coordination, socialize with friends, and indulge in a team-building, low-stakes hobby. Refine your skills, up your game, and come home as a pro – no matter your age.

A red metal grid with locks.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a fun way to gather a few friends, discover clues, tackle mysteries, and solve a puzzle. This energizing excursion will challenge you to find patterns and focus on small details to complete a fun task in a timely manner.

*Additional Cost

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A man fishes in a Colorado river.


Colorado is famous for its gorgeous landscapes and thriving rivers and lakes, and clients are encouraged to use fishing as a way to connect to their surroundings. When fishing, we seek nature’s rhythm, and by finding that rhythm we are taken outside of ourselves and experience how our presence can positively or negatively influence everything around us.

A group of clients participate in a yoga class at All Points North Lodge.

Group Fitness

As you connect with other clients in recovery, you’ll be able to strengthen your bond with various group activities that complement your treatment. We offer group classes for beginners and fitness fanatics to get you moving and create healthy new routines in recovery.

*Additional Cost

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A client and a personal trainer complete a workout at the gym at All Points North Lodge.

Personal Training

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, personal training will encourage you to set new goals and shatter them. Train on-campus or at one of our partners’ state-of-the-art fitness centers.

*Additional Cost

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Clients at the women's sauna and locker room at All Points North Lodge.

Sauna and Steam Room

Whether you’re winding down after a workout session or seeking a quiet moment to decompress, you’ll enjoy the healing energy of our on-site sauna and steam room, exclusive to clients at the Lodge.

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A client enters the sensory deprivation tank at All Points North Lodge.

Sensory Deprivation Tank

A sensory deprivation tank is a float tank filled with a small amount of saltwater to offer zero-gravity relaxation without stressors or distractions. Experience better sleep, muscle relaxation, pain management, improved mood, better concentration and focus, reduced anxiety, and restored energy after trying the on-campus sensory deprivation float tank.

*Additional Cost

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Two people reaching out to grasp each others hands.


Volunteering is a beautiful opportunity for you to find a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Give back to the local community and find a deeper connection and healing in the process.

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A woman takes a break after hiking on a trail in Colorado.
Warm Weather Activities
Colorado in the summer is perfect for outdoor adventure. During residential treatment, join group hikes, fishing trips, and local activities.
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A snowmobiler jumps onto a hill.
Cold Weather Activities
Experience the world-renowned Vail Valley in the snow-covered mountains.
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