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Equine-Assisted Therapy

APN Lodge offers Equine-Assisted Therapy according to the EAGALA model.


Horses can provide incredible emotional support: building a trusting relationship with these beautiful and majestic creatures can help you navigate difficult emotions and manage treatment stressors. Equine-assisted therapy is the perfect opportunity to journey outside the traditional treatment environment and form a lasting connection that goes beyond words.

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Heal with Experiential Therapy with EAGALA Trained Therapists

APN’s Equine Therapists are licensed professional counselors and certified through Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA). EAGALA is a 25-year-old non-profit association that exists to provide resources, education, standards and support for professionals by incorporating horses for psychotherapy and personal development. ​EAGALA provides a certification training program to ensure a credible, professional model of treatment is being provided along with quality assurance. Our therapists are certified by EAGALA to provide Equine Assisted Therapy that is based on the four principles:

  • Team Approach (licensed mental health professional, equine specialist, horses, and client)
  • Ground-Based
  • Solution-Oriented
  • Code of Ethics

While working with horses, participants will engage in hands-on activities, including grooming, feeding, leading, and saddling.

Equine-assisted experiential activities can help you improve your self-awareness, self-confidence, trust, communication, and problem-solving skills. Working with horses is an enjoyable experience that enables you to embrace the present moment.

Build on Your Treatment Progress

Horses provide immediate feedback by mirroring what’s going on inside, helping us access complex emotions we might not feel prepared to experience on our own.

During each 2-hour session, you’ll immerse yourself in the beauty of the Colorado landscape. You’ll connect with all of your senses and bring yourself back into your body – a necessary practice while processing the emotional challenges of treatment.


  • Sessions last 2 hours with the opportunity to spend more time in the barns and outdoors by assisting with feeding, cleaning, and other duties
  • Sessions provide a safe space for clients to explore, problem-solve, discover, and overcome challenges
  • Our facilitators focus on observations which are non-interpretive and non-judgmental, so the clients can provide their own interpretations.
  • Maximum of 6 clients per group
  • $200 per session with a minimum requirement of 4 sessions

APN Lodge clients must be assessed for clinical appropriateness; contact your primary therapist today to sign up.