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Mental Health IOP in Boulder

A small group intensive outpatient program in Boulder, CO for recovery from mental health struggles.

Groups offered 11 AM – 2 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Now bundled with 20 optional neurofeedback sessions for deeper healing.

Mental Health & Trauma Therapy Boulder Mental Health IOP

The IOP at APN Boulder offers support for individuals who are experiencing mental health challenges, overwhelming stress, or emotional dysregulation. With three 3-hour therapy groups each week, clients participate in an integrative program designed to guide them through processing the past and learning how to move forward with tangible skills and tools.

Get comprehensive support for your recovery from leading mental health providers in Boulder.

Expert Care Team
Expert, Specialized Treatment Team

Get support from clinical and medical experts with decades of experience

Mountain View
Accessible Mental Health Focused IOP

Meet in-person in downtown Boulder for targeted mental health work in a convenient location

Experiential Care
Three Sessions of Group Therapy Per Week

9 hours of group therapy in a comfortable setting plus an hour of individual therapy

Custom-Curated Programs
Evidence-Based, Trackable Outcomes

Get care that really works, with client outcomes in the top 5% of the nation

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Boulder IOP at a Glance

  • 6-week program with rolling admission
  • 10 hours of programming per week
  • Individual in-person sessions scheduled weekly at your convenience
  • Group meetings are 3 hours long, 3 days per week at APN Boulder
  • Led by a licensed therapist
  • Now bundled with 20 optional neurofeedback sessions for deeper healing

Boulder Mental Health IOP Participant Goals

  1. Understand how past trauma, behavioral patterns and impulsive reactions impact current relationships
  2. Learn, utilize and implement tools to recognize behavioral triggers and how to respond rather than react
  3. Learn evidence-based skills and tools to manage anxiety and trauma responses, including emotional regulation
  4. Develop a practical understanding of mind-body interactions and their effects on your overall mental health
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Wherever you are, you can start there. All Points North has built a full continuum of care to provide multiple “front doors” where you can jump into programming, whether you’re seeking treatment for the first time, tackling a relapse, or building recovery capital well into your journey.

APN offers drug and alcohol detox outside Denver, CO, and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Residential treatment and partial hospitalization programs happen at All Points North Lodge in Edwards, CO. Virtual intensive outpatient programs, 1-on-1 therapy and psychiatry, and support groups are available through the APN Connection app. You can find integrative psychiatry and neurotechnology at our Plus by APN locations, and personal training and group fitness classes at 9x by APN. Wherever you are, we’re with you.

The APN Way

Care Options for Every Individual

We’ve designed the APN care model with touchpoints across an expanded curriculum so you can enter the continuum at any stage of your journey and get specialized support.

We are committed to providing a seamless experience with the same high-quality provider across each level of care. This continuity keeps your care record intact, eliminating the stress of starting anew with a different provider at each stage. Our data shows that the longer you remain engaged with our continuum of care, the higher your likelihood of achieving a positive outcome.

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