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Virtual Therapy & Psychiatry Programs

Best-in-class virtual therapy and psychiatry for individuals, groups, and families.

A group therapy session at APN Lodge.

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs

The Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are distinct offering from All Points North for individuals who have experienced substance dependence, mental health challenges, overwhelming stress, or emotional dysregulation. With three 3-hour therapy groups each week, clients participate in an integrative program designed to guide them through processing the past and learning how to move forward with tangible skills and tools.

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An APN client takes a virtual therapy session from the couch.

Group Therapy

Join a variety of 60-90 minute therapy groups led by a master’s level licensed therapist and designed for individuals with common conditions, struggles, backgrounds, or circumstances. Group topics are always involving but include groups for professionals, the LGBTQIA+ community, women, and men. Common specialty groups include DBT, trauma bonding, sober living, CBT, and more.

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Individual Therapy

Ready for a better online therapy experience? Start individual therapy with the telehealth team at All Points North. All telehealth therapists are master’s level with a variety of specialties and focuses. Unlike other telehealth providers, APN offers a comprehensive virtual assessment to understand your full background, history, needs, and goals. This allows our human (non-algorithm) expert team to pair you with the therapist who is the best fit for you. Get a taste of a better online therapy experience by starting with our 3 week intro package: The Mental Health Blueprint.

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Virtual Therapy

Psychiatry & Medication Management

Get in-person medication management with a psychiatric provider at all six of our satellite locations or virtually in any of 40 participating PSYPACT states. Traditional psychiatry with expert providers, accessible from the comfort of home.

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Virtual Family Therapy

Family & Couples Therapy

In mental health and addiction, the ripples of struggle and recovery hit the family too. APN offers complementary telehealth family therapy to the families of clients who are in residential or PHP programming at All Points North. Family and couples therapy is also available out-of-network or self-pay via telehealth to anyone looking to work on family dynamics, relationship issues, or communication. For more information or to get started, reach out to our team.

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Virtual Therapy

Support Groups

All Points North is proud to offer a few free support groups for:

  • APN Alumni
  • Professional Athletes
  • Healthcare Professionals – Caduceus Group
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