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Virtual Therapy Groups & Support Groups

Our telehealth therapy groups and virtual support groups exist to support you as you navigate mental health, recovery, and physical health from your own home and environment.

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Get support on a variety of topics in a group therapy setting, connect with other clients in treatment with clinician guidance, and build on skills learned in individual sessions. Virtual groups are available in the APN Virtual app, Monday through Friday.

Convenient Location
Personalized Options

Choose from a variety of therapy groups that fit your interests and needs.

Family Therapy
Community Support

Connect with other people with similar backgrounds, interests, circumstances, and goals. Stay connected anytime, and celebrate your wins together.

Trackable Outcomes

Our treatment works, and we have the data to prove it. We track your improvement with evidence-based metrics.

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Convenient Times & Access

Schedule individual sessions at convenient times for you, and join groups that are scheduled to fit in with your life.

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Current Virtual Therapy Groups

All APN Virtual therapy groups are weekly 1-1.5 hour groups run by licensed therapists only. Rolling admission. Group topics can vary from month to month, and a few groups have multiple time slots available. Reach out to our team to enroll or request more information.

  • Mindful Meditation and Contemplative Skills
  • Living Sober
  • Trauma Process Group
  • Recovery Lit
  • Professionals Group
  • DBT Group
  • Resolving Codependency
  • CBT for Perfectionists
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Virtual Support Groups

All Points North is proud to offer a few free support groups for:

  • APN Alumni
  • Professional Athletes
  • Healthcare Professionals – Caduceus Group
Email to Inquire: [email protected]
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The APN Way

Care Options for Every Individual

We’ve designed the APN care model with touchpoints across an expanded curriculum so you can enter the continuum at any stage of your journey and get specialized support.

We are committed to providing a seamless experience with the same high-quality provider across each level of care. This continuity keeps your care record intact, eliminating the stress of starting anew with a different provider at each stage. Our data shows that the longer you remain engaged with our continuum of care, the higher your likelihood of achieving a positive outcome.

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