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Virtual Professionals Program

An expanded virtual outpatient program designed for executives and healthcare professionals to take on mental health challenges, recovery, boundaries, and burnout.

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Clinical programming and peer support VIRTUAL PROFESSIONALS PROGRAM

The APN Virtual Professionals Track exists to meet the unique needs of professionals in executive and healthcare roles, providing essential collegial support and accountability in a small, therapeutic environment. Within the safety of a peer group, you’ll connect with others who share similar life experiences and work with a trusted clinician to foster open discussion, accept responsibility, reduce shame, prevent relapse, and explore career-related concerns. Complimentary Caduceus groups also available.

Understand impact, gain tools, get peer support, and restore well-being.

Expert Care Team
Expert, Specialized Treatment Team

Get support from clinical experts with decades of experience

Small-Group Peer Support

Join a 12-person max cohort of other professionals, with complimentary caduceus groups

Experiential Care
8-Week Virtual Programming

Join an 8-week Colorado immersive virtual program designed for professionals in stress

Custom-Curated Programs
Evidence-Based, Trackable Outcomes

Get care that really works, with client outcomes in the top 5% of the programs nationwide

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Professional Support that Works with Your Schedule

We’ve designed the Virtual Professionals Track to accommodate the unique time demands that often act as a barrier to care for executives and healthcare professionals; participants will meet three times a week for 2 hours over eight weeks. Each week focuses on a unique topic or goal – this format allows you to access high-quality care, meaningful peer support, and a specialized curriculum while maintaining your work responsibilities in a way that would be inaccessible within a residential treatment environment. By session completion, the APN team will work collaboratively with you to build personalized aftercare and work recommendations to help you continue your growth and prioritize your health.

Session Structure

  • Peer connection and community building: 20-30 minutes
  • Introduction and exploration of weekly topic: 10 minutes
  • Didactic work and psychoeducation: 30-40 minutes
  • Experiential activity and processing: 40-50 minutes

The Virtual Professionals Track is open to professionals in all 35 PSYPACT states and Florida, exclusive to executives or healthcare professionals with a dual-diagnosis or mental health focus. Each cohort is limited to a maximum of 12 participants with rolling admission.



Amy Robertson, PsyD

Dr. Amy Roberston serves as the Professionals Program Director at APN and brings more than a decade of experience to her role, spearheading curriculum development and overseeing the Professionals program both online and in-person.

Dr. Robertson specializes in trauma, substance use disorders, and co-occurring disorders. She believes trauma-informed care is essential in addressing the root causes that maintain maladaptive beliefs about ourselves, others, and our future, and that a trauma-informed approach facilitates authentic healing and change that aligns with each client’s unique goals. She finds witnessing the growth and change in others to be incredibly rewarding and humbling.

Scott Waller, PsyD

Dr. Scott Waller is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in supporting clients struggling with co-occurring mental health and substance use concerns. He has worked extensively with licensed medical providers, legal professionals, and active-duty military members to help them heal from burnout, build sustainable recovery supports, and return to work safely.

Dr. Waller believes in the power that comes from how we impact others and exist in relationships. He works with clients to develop strategies that honor their unique needs, strengths, and experiences for long-term, values-based change.



Wherever you are, you can start there. All Points North has built a full continuum of care to provide multiple “front doors” where you can jump into programming, whether you’re seeking treatment for the first time, tackling a relapse, or building recovery capital well into your journey.

APN offers drug and alcohol detox outside Denver, CO, and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Residential treatment and partial hospitalization programs happen at All Points North Lodge in Edwards, CO. Virtual intensive outpatient programs, 1-on-1 therapy and psychiatry, and support groups are available through the APN Connection app. You can find integrative psychiatry and neurotechnology at our Plus by APN locations, and personal training and group fitness classes at 9x by APN. Wherever you are, we’re with you.

The APN Way

Care Options for Every Individual

We’ve designed the APN care model with touchpoints across an expanded curriculum so you can enter the continuum at any stage of your journey and get specialized support.

We are committed to providing a seamless experience with the same high-quality provider across each level of care. This continuity keeps your care record intact, eliminating the stress of starting anew with a different provider at each stage. Our data shows that the longer you remain engaged with our continuum of care, the higher your likelihood of achieving a positive outcome.

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8-Week Curriculum for Online Professionals Program

  • Mental Health at Work
    • Professional Traumas, Addiction, and Mental Health
    • Defenses and Distortions
    • ACT Tools
  • Professional Boundaries
    • Boundary Crossings
    • The Boundary Continuum
    • Types of Boundaries and Boundary Plan
  • Accountability
    • Monitoring and Support Systems
    • Authority and the Patient Role
    • Healthy Leadership
  • Self-Awareness
    • Personality Traits and Schemas
    • Disruptive Behavior and Intimating Factors
    • Professional Blind Spots; Professional Strengths
  • Career Growth
    • Phases of Career Development
    • Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
    • Worklife Balance and Career Plan
  • Wellness
    • Mindfulness, Meditation, and Gratitude
    • Habits and Health
    • Personal Wellness Plan
  • Professionalism
    • Communication, Influence, Learning Agility, and Leadership
    • Ethics and Codes of Conduct
    • SWOT Analysis
  • Relapse Prevention
    • Work-Related Problems and Goals
    • Professional High-Risk Experiences, Warning Signs, and Coping Strategies
    • Relapse Prevention Plan

For more information on the professionals program and other options for professionals, call us or use the livechat below.