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Meet Sarah D. Fisher

Sarah Fisher is a Revenue Cycle Specialist at All Points North. She is humbled to have a role in a behavioral health organization with cutting-edge technology to lead the field of addiction and mental health. Sarah has been in the medical billing field for over 15 years. She has also worked as a Personal Care Provider for elderly, disabled, and terminally ill patients throughout her life. As a PCP, she spent a decade building up her compassion, empathy, and gratitude skills. In addition to the patient’s physical care, they also required assistance in understanding medical bills.


Sarah studied Psychology, Health Information Technology, Medical Terminology, Large Group Training, Comparative Religion, and Dance at The Community College of Aurora in Colorado. She completed her Cosmetology degree at 16 years old, officially making her the neighborhood hairdresser.

Sarah lost both her parents to cancer, with her father experiencing severe addiction at the end of his life. However, she takes pride in her tumultuous upbringing. These experiences led to her finding a passion to help those who need it the most.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys volunteering at a local transitioning facility for families, and the resident food bank. She loves to dance, write songs, and paint. She adores traveling with her husband and three children, she just hates leaving her 14-year-old Pit Bull with a sitter.