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The Spa at All Points North offers massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and self-guided services exclusive to clients staying at APN Lodge.



We believe self-care is an essential part of healing. We’ve created an optimal healing environment so that you can focus on what really matters: your recovery. Our spa services offer a physical component of treatment that helps you process trauma, addiction, and mental health issues in a tangible way. When you take care of your physical health, you are better equipped to show up for yourself in therapy.

Our services are designed and delivered by Licensed Massage Therapists just down the stairs from client suites and across the hall from the Lodge Fitness Center. Spa services are available for an additional cost during your stay.


Different clients respond to different therapy techniques. The same is true for spa services at the Lodge. We want you to be able to access everything you need to feel cared for and supported.

We offer a full spa menu, and services can be tailored to fit your unique needs.


APN Signature Massage

Enjoy Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage stretching to relieve muscle tension and support your healing journey as you process trauma and emotions. Your massage therapist will create a customized massage that achieves optimal results based on your needs.

Massage Enhancements

Must book in conjunction with a 50-minute or longer massage

  • Hydration Boost – upgrade your massage with this nourishing boost rich in rainforest butters and nut oils, customized with plant and flower essences to enhance alignment and energy flow.
  • Sound and Vibration Therapy – singing bowls create a calming frequency to enhance relaxation and rebalance your entire body.
  • Percussive Therapy – a powerful deep muscle treatment device melts away tension and relieves soreness.
  • Cupping – promotes blood flow, enhances circulation, detoxifies and breaks up adhesions in the tissue to increase the body’s healing processes.
  • Himalayan Salt Stones – warm salt stones help re-mineralize the body and provide deep relaxation.
  • Express TAMA Facial Therapy – TAMA Metawave technology encourages collagen production and circulation, delivering visible results after the first treatment and dramatic improvement with additional sessions.

Healing Crystal Ritual

A custom blend of plant and flower essences, chia seed, jojoba, and brown sugar work together for luxurious exfoliation. Rainbow fluorite crystals add healing energy to assist you in creating alignment and improving energy flow.

High Altitude Rescue

Enjoy a head-to-toe organic healing body wrap designed to calm, soothe, and restore hydration in the skin. Stone crap, a succulent native to Hungary used for centuries as a first-aid plant, promotes cell regeneration to relieve dry skin. This wrap will leave every inch of you feeling soothed and hydrated with added aloe, turmeric, arnica, and calendula.

Head and Scalp Revival

Designed to relax the mind and encourage circulation, this treatment stimulates brain function to improve attention span and memory and relieve stress and headaches.

TAMA Facial Therapy

This non-invasive, anti-aging, and revitalizing facial mask uses Metawave technology to deliver a low-level electric pulse and treat wrinkles, skin laxity, acne, and dullness. You’ll notice visible results after the first session and dramatic improvement after a series of treatments.

Craniosacral Therapy

This gentle and relaxing therapy works with the craniosacral system to relieve tension in the skull and spine from the inside out. Craniosacral therapy releases fascial restrictions to enhance and restore your body’s natural healing abilities. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to your session.


Reiki is the Japanese word for the universal life force that surrounds and flows through us all. While stress, illness, and lack of balance can block and weaken the body’s energy pathways, Reiki recharges, aligns, and harmonizes the body. You may remain fully clothed for this service.

Sound Healing

Tibetan Singing Bowls produce sounds and vibrations capable of shifting energy, clearing blockages, and restoring the mind, body, and spirit to a balanced state. Singing bowls promote relaxation and concentration, improving emotional and physical tension and blockages.


Acupuncture uses ancient Chinese healing principles to stimulate energy pathways associated with pain, stress, anxiety, digestion, sleep, and more. After a brief interview, our acupuncturist will use fine needles to stimulate meridian points based on your needs. Most people notice results after one session with further improvements with a series of treatments. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.


  • Compression Therapy – dynamic air compression massage increases circulation for faster recovery.
  • Percussive Therapy – powerful percussive massage therapy reaches 60% deeper than traditional massage therapy to treat muscle soreness and relieve pain without overstimulating the skin.
  • Float Tank – experience restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) during a relaxing float tank session.