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Dr. Jes Montgomery is a psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience, specializing in General Psychology, Addiction Medicine, Substance Use and Addictive Disorders, Problematic Sexual Behavior, and other Process Addictions. He has worked extensively in Trauma and PTSD, helping clients heal from sexual abuse.

As the Medical Director of All Points North, Dr. Montgomery provides compassionate care on an individualized basis, overseeing clients’ medical needs and supporting them with short-term symptom management and long-term recovery goals.


Dr. James C. “Jes” Montgomery, a well-known professional In Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, earned his Bachelor of Science in Microbiology in 1976 and an MD from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in 1980. With residencies in Family Medicine and Psychiatry, he holds certifications from the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology (1999, 2009, 2029) and the American Board of Addiction Medicine (2009), receiving their prior certification as an expert in treating addiction in 1987.

Throughout his career, Dr. Montgomery has significantly contributed to Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, authoring publications like “The Ethical Risks of Professional Boundaries.” Notably, he received the Carnes Award for Outstanding Work in the Field of Sexual Addiction (2009) and served on the Board of Directors for the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health.

Acknowledged as an Expert in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine in 14 jurisdictions, Dr. Montgomery has presented at numerous conferences globally, covering topics from addiction treatments to workplace mental health. In his practice, he held pivotal roles, including Director for Gratitude at Pine Grove Behavioral Health System and Co-Founder/Chief Psychiatric Director of Recovery Ally/Vivihealth. Throughout three decades, he has unwaveringly advanced mental health, addiction medicine, and ethical standards in the field.