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Frequently Asked Questions



How long do clients stay at the APN Lodge?

We recommend all clients stay a minimum of 30 days to optimize the impact of treatment. However, many clients benefit from 60-day, 90-day, or even longer stays. There is no “typical” length of stay here at APN Lodge. For this reason, discharge dates are not set in stone and are instead based on clinical recommendations from our comprehensive treatment team. Additionally, we offer multiple levels of care here on-site: RTC and PHP.

What type of services will my loved one receive at APN Lodge?

APN prides itself on offering a truly comprehensive array of services to holistically treat each of our clients. Though a large variety of services and modalities are available, our care team works with each client to custom-curate a program specifically for their needs. All clients are offered individual therapy, group therapy (with mutiple groups every day), case management, psychiatry, health and wellness programming, and activity-based therapy. The extent of the services offered, as well as their focus, is often predicated upon the individual needs of each client.

How can I better understand what my loved one is working on in residential treatment?

We strongly recommend that families have conversations with their loved ones about their diagnoses, experiences, and what treatment feels like. While we have very knowledgeable professionals who have studied different diagnoses, the real expert of your loved one’s unique experience and how it affects them would be your loved one. Moreover, having these conversations with your loved one meets one of the common treatment plan goals: more effective, open, and direct communication.

Are there services available for us as to better complement the work our loved ones are doing at APN Lodge?

APN Lodge offers a myriad of services to help incorporate family members into the healing process of their loved ones at APN Lodge. This includes telehealth family therapy to participate in with your loved one (including family of origin or family of creation). We also offer in-person family therapy services for families with the flexibility to accommodate. This includes two options.

  1. Focused Family Therapy includes at least 3 in-person family therapy sessions over the course of a week with an emphasis on specific goals that these families can more intensively practice in person.
  2. As an alternative, we also offer a Family Intensive Therapy program. This comprehensive program takes place over the course of 3 days, with several multisystemic groups that incorporate interpersonal processing, psychoeducation, and experiential activities.

Finally, we also offer outpatient telehealth services to support family members who may be struggling in different ways as their loved one engages in treatment.

What is the balance between our loved one’s work in therapy and the amenities that we see on this website?

There may be quite a few enticing amenities here at APN Lodge, but your loved ones’ first and foremost priority is their treatment. Here, therapy becomes a full-time job. That is not all APN lodge focuses on, however, as fun (or play) helps the clients to strengthen social skills and self-regulation that will be needed when they return home to maintain progress. This includes more effective empathy, problem-solving, vicarious learning, and a willingness to explore responsible risk-taking. The amenities provided for fun here also offer further therapeutic benefit. For example, hiking or mountain biking have been found to improve mental health outcomes. Yoga and massage have been found to be similarly helpful.

What are some of the common therapeutic approaches that are utilized in residential treatment at APN Lodge?

It is important to acknowledge some of the core approaches that our therapists use, remembering therapists vary their approaches for each client. Two major therapies (each backed by strong bases of research and healthy outcomes) that are incorporated into our program for all clients are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). You may hear your loved ones talking about each of these acronyms, so it may be helpful for you to familiarize yourselves with these so that you and your loved ones can have a “shared language” about their treatment. You can learn more about CBT here and more about DBT here. Each of our therapists have their own personalized approaches. You can learn more about each therapist’s approach by exploring their bios here.

What other holistic approaches are used?

While psychotherapeutic approaches are a critical foundation of the treatment provided here, there are additional services that help to enhance the therapeutic work being done. This includes DTMS, HBOT, healthy physical activity, social connection activities, wellness-based stress reduction services, and spa services.

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