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Total health for the mind and body. Recover, grow, and thrive with programs to meet you exactly where you are. Find your way forward.



Addiction, trauma, and mental illness don’t have to define your future. Find sustainable recovery with the guidance of expert clinicians, the assistance of cutting-edge technology, and a custom-curated mix of evidence-based and holistic therapies. Gold Seal of Approval accreditation from The Joint Commission.



Your story matters. We’ll work with you to build a unique treatment plan that honors your lived experience, identity, and goals. We provide LGBTQIA+-affirming treatment with compassionate care in a safe environment.



Your next step starts today. Wherever you are, there’s a next step for you. At multiple campuses around the country, in the striking mountains of Colorado, or from the comfort of home, your next step in mind-body health is ready and waiting.


The APN Way

Care Options for Every Individual

We’ve designed the APN care model with touchpoints across an expanded curriculum so you can enter the continuum at any stage of your journey and get specialized support.

We are committed to providing a seamless experience with the same high-quality provider across each level of care. This continuity keeps your care record intact, eliminating the stress of starting anew with a different provider at each stage. Our data shows that the longer you remain engaged with our continuum of care, the higher your likelihood of achieving a positive outcome.

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Admissions Background

Want more information? Contact our admissions team for a free consultation or more details about any APN programs.

Programs Background
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APN is now in-network with TriWest and First Health. We also work with most PPO insurance’s out-of-network benefits. Our team is happy to help you verify benefits.

Apn Centers

All Points North Lodge

Nestled in the mountains of Edwards, Colorado, All Points North Lodge is the stunning hub for all APN residential and PHP addiction treatment, mental health, and trauma therapy. These behavioral health programs often last for 30-90 days. This location also offers Deep TMS, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and wellness services.

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APN Denver

Located less than 30 minutes from the Denver International Airport, APN Denver is the first stop for many APN clients from all over the country. All Points North offers medical detoxification (also known as withdrawal management) and an intensive outpatient program for substance use in Aurora, CO.

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APN Dallas-Fort Worth

APN Dallas-Fort Worth is our most robust location other than the Lodge. APN DFW offers detox, behavioral health assessments, PHP, IOP, deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS), ketamine-assisted therapy, HBOT, and more.

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APN Boulder

APN Boulder is home to Plus by APN for interventional psychiatry and neurotechnology. This location offers deep TMS, stellate ganglion blocks, neurofeedback, and a mental health IOP in Boulder, Colorado.

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APN Malibu

Located in the iconic Malibu Country Mart, APN Malibu is a new and growing APN location - offering the Malibu Surf IOP, Deep TMS, neurofeedback, and 9x Fitness

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APN Naples

APN Naples is home to Plus by APN for interventional psychiatry and neurotechnology. This location offers professional evaluations, IOP (substance use and co-occurring disorders), deep TMS, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and therapy in Naples, Florida.

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APN Connection

Get online therapy and psychiatry or join virtual intensive programs, weekly groups, and support groups with the ease and convenience of our APN Connection app – available on IOS and Android. We pay our clinicians twice the rate of other leading online therapy providers. This brings you the highest talent and care, all available via telehealth.

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APN Sober Living

In the same private neighborhood of Cordillera, APN Sober Living offers a private, secure, and beautiful sober living home – just a few minutes' drive from APN Lodge. Perfect for families, couples, business executives, or privacy-sensitive clients.

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Dr. Amy Robertson
Professionals Program Director
Dr. Philip Hemphill
Chief Clinical Officer
Marcus Smith II
APN Global Ambassador
Christopher Austin
Chief Financial Officer
Carlos Hernandez
Chief Maintenance Engineer
Alexandra Burns
Registered Dietician
Arlene Story
Telehealth Therapist
Noah Nordheimer
Chief Executive Officer
Craig Somerville
Managing Director of Contact Center
Karri Francisco
Director of Family Programming
Lana Seiler
Clinical Manager of the Traumatic Stress Program
Nicole Liebman
Director of Alumni Programs
Eber Marin
Junior Graphic Designer
Jenn Hu
Senior Graphic Designer
Jeremy Zacharias
Director, Enterprise Strategy
Keith Weiner
Senior Digital Media Producer
Micah Branscomb
Manager, Market Development - Plus by APN
Molly Eddington
Junior Graphic Designer
Dr. Jes Montgomery
Medical Director
Garrett Nourse
Admissions Representative
Alex Coreth
Program Director - APN Denver
Dr. Blair Elder
Revenue Cycle Administrator
Ella Moore
Executive Assistant & Health and Wellness Manager - APN Malibu
Annie Richards
Spa Supervisor
Lisa Orraca
Telehealth Clinical Director
Tami Romano
Clinical Director
Michelle Pringle
Clinical Research Coordinator
Yesenia Martinez
Housekeeping Supervisor
Brandon Dawson
Manager of 9x Fitness - Malibu
Taryn Olivera
Registered Nurse
Samantha Sasaoka
Director of Integrative Case Management
Tiffany Walker
Registered Nurse
Jeri Lawrence
DFW Nurse Manager
Dr. Olivia Kraus
Consulting Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Leana Gadbois-Sills
Director of Compliance
Diana Bonilla
Primary Therapist
Dr. Rachael Rogers
Telehealth Psychologist
Britten Grayden
Clinical Manager, Naples Outpatient Clinic
Jessie Rethman
Manager of Hospitality
Katie Schofield
Primary Therapist, Athlete Track
Lydia Smith
Personal Trainer
Alexandra Frascino
Clinical Director, APN Dallas Fort Worth
Dr. Nikki Davis
Professionals Therapist
Michael (MJ) Jackson
Membership Advisor and Community Relations Associate, 9x/APN Malibu 
Dr. Michelle D. Presley
Nurse Practitioner
Courtney Messina
Senior Director, Outpatient Clinical Operations
Dr. Raha Salehinia
Clinical Psychologist
Jerald Westendorf
Nurse Practitioner


How do I know what program I need?

When you call, live chat, or send a message, you will be connected with an experienced admissions team member. All members of our admissions team are trained in assessments and offerings so they can listen to your unique story and help you determine what programs you will be eligible for or could benefit from. We also offer a two-day behavioral health assessment at APN Denver if more extensive assessments, testing, and treatment planning is needed.

What is the cost of treatment at APN?

The cost of treatment with All Points North varies based on a few factors: insurance, program type, program length, and accommodation choice. Depending on your insurance, some programs may be completely or mostly covered. Our team will work with you to determine your out-of-pocket cost and insurance benefits for each service you are eligible for.

What therapies do APN therapists specialize in?

All Points North employs many different in-person and virtual licensed therapists with a variety of specialties and focuses. Different therapists offer different modalities. Some of these specialty therapies include dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), systemic family therapy, psychoeducation, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, family-of-origin work, inner child work, and more. While all these therapies are offered by at least one of our therapists, the therapies you receive will be determined by your specific needs and clinical determination.




[Before APN,] I was doing therapy every now and again, and I just felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. I feel like I needed something else. I didn’t want to be one of the statistics. And I felt like I never gave myself that time, and that's what I felt I needed, APN. I needed to heal. I was very irritable and not knowing why I am irritable. I am so used to putting my hands on people because I played [NFL] defense, so I have to figure out a way to channel that [anger] somewhere else. But I didn’t know how to do that. APN is an amazing place. And I think athletes and the general population, this is a place where you can come to get healing. and you can leave feeling amazing about yourself. And before I got here I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know who the real Marcus was, all I knew was the shield that was in front of me and the helmet that I wore.

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APN LODGE - Athletes

I reached out for help and someone directed me to APN. While there I experienced people passionate about supporting people hitting roadblocks in their life to understand and conquer their subconscious traumas and addictions. I received the care I never knew I needed, for trauma that I knew was there, but had no clue the impact it had on my life by trying to suppress it for so long. The friends I've made there I'll be connected to forever, The scenery was incredible, and the staff there I'm indebted to.

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It was really good to be in a physical space that was the first time I had explored kind of who I am and what “authentic Kyle” might look like. What is incredibly humbling to me is the impact that people at the Lodge and throughout my sobriety made. I think, now, my wife would probably talk about the kind of dad I am now, this new sense of vulnerability and honesty, newly using the phrase “I don’t know,” my dedication to change, and to becoming a better person. Had my drinking not forced me to make a change in my life . . . I would not have found connection and fulfillment in my life. Sobriety is tough, it’s really tough. But it’s teaching me what nothing else in my life could teach me.

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I never felt that anybody [at APN], but especially my therapist, felt like they were better than me, or they were more important… It was more like a teacher who knew you really well, and genuinely cared… that you could really trust. That you could go to, and cry to, and they would be like alright, let’s talk this through. [At APN], I had to dig down deep and I had to open up. I truly found love for myself the first time I was here, and I’ve never ever loved myself. I am living a life that is 10,000x more incredible than I thought it would be on my way up here the first time, and it only gets better!

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I’ve been out of APN for about 16 months now. It was a struggle to admit to myself that this is where I needed to go. Once I finally decided to do it, it was a huge relief off my shoulders. I was very resistant to group therapy coming into APN. That was my biggest fear. My first day in group, I just let it all out. I am opening up and telling things to eight men that I’ve never seen before in my life, and it was a massive, massive breakthrough. My shame cup was overflowing and it just had to come out. I’ve been beating myself up for years for ruining my life, and I had to go through a lot of self-forgiveness. I really benefitted from seeing all these people from different ages, different lifestyles, and different backgrounds. You realize how much power there is in the group because we can’t do it alone. I don’t have to, nor should I.

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Calling All Points North was hands down the best decision I’ve made for myself and family. I was very hesitant prior to starting treatment and did my research on 10+ facilities. I had no idea what to expect but after careful consideration we decided to go with APN. I am pleased to say it was everything I could have asked for in a program. I was able to finally address serious trauma that I had been running from for a long time in a safe (and VERY nice) environment. Quality care in a beautiful environment. Not much more you could ask for. Thanks APN family.


All Points North helped me out of a deep depression caused in part by untreated PTSD. I had completely isolated myself from friends and family and my life was unmanageable. I’d worked hard to build my successful travel business and the pandemic among other things put me una terribly sad place. Fortunately, my time at APN brought me back to life. They helped me get to my 13th year without a drink and reconnect with what matters.


All points staff and process are world class. The amount of care and flexibility to meet needs and provide options available demonstrate the care and compassion that adds to the healing process. The education, modalities, and professional program make a huge difference in understanding the significance and impact of substance use disorder and other occurring challenges that arise from stress, trauma, and poor working environment. Thanks to everyone I encountered and to my case manager Kim.


I was very hesitant about going to treatment and whether or not it would actually help me. I felt they were not trying to reel me into the facility by any means but give me a consultation on what the best options for myself. I ended up staying for 43 days and left with a different perspective about myself and the issues that I had prior to entering treatment. My therapist Dustin was a perfect fit for me and I did get to connect with him on a level that is hard for me to achieve with others.


Toured the facility as a medical professional. Completely amazing commitment to patients in a transformative space. There is nothing like APN in the country. Highest recommendation without reservation.


I was able to reset my life here. If you soak it all up and embrace the help and the recovery programming- you’ll come out better on the other side. I am truly grateful for my time at APN. I highly recommend just about anyone to come here. Who doesn’t need a month to focus on self care and processing your trauma and mental, physical, spiritual health?


All Points North Lodge saved my life. I wasn't sure how I was going to do being away from my family for 28+ days (ended up being 54), but I was committed to my mental health and as such, I dove in with all I could muster. The entire staff are extremely compassionate and intelligent, but more importantly, they are committed to helping every single client (patients) in dealing with every individual's needs. If you have a choice in which treatment center to attend, seriously consider APN Lodge.


I am extremely grateful for the excellent treatment and care my daughter received while at APN. She entered treatment at APN while she was in a very dark place but APN created a treatment plan designed specifically for her and she had a profoundly healing experience. I believe that APN along with the treatment professionals who worked with my daughter helped her to clear the path so that she could go on to live a full rich life.


All Points North is an amazing treatment center. I stayed there for over 2 months and the staff and the people I met there made it very difficult to leave. The therapists are incredible and the other treatment services are unmatched. The difference in the person I was before APN and now is undeniable. I would recommend APN to anyone seeking help.


I was a client at APN for 60 days and it was the best decision of my life. The staff was amazing, compassionate and you can tell they care about each client individually. The property is immaculate and absolutely beautiful with a ton of things to do in your down time. They also provide a wide variety of therapeutic classes to choose from. I left APN a completely different person with a completely different outlook on life.


Lovely facility with #topnotch staff. I was a client here and received tremendous support, resources, tools, and knowledge. I have over a year sober now and I can’t thank APN enough! The food was great and the amenities were incredible. Thank you APN!


APN is an amazing place. The staff are attentive and caring. The facility itself is luxurious, on top of a hill, pools, hot tubs, gym, and things to do every weekend, all my needs were taken care of. Also, the food was great, I was there for the therapy but the extras made it that much easier. You will get out what you put in. I got more out of the 4-5 weeks there than I did in my entire life. The hardest part is accepting that you need a change in life. Let APN help guide you, but you gotta take the first step.


I have worked with many facilities before, but APN lodge was one of the most professional, attentive, and caring staff I have ever had the privilege to work with. The entire staff was extremely nice and considerate. They accommodated me in any way they could. The facility is beautiful and the staff is exceptional. I’m looking forward to working with them any way that I can. I would recommend APN lodge to anyone who asked.


APN Lodge helped save my life. Great therapy, food, wonderful room, health care staff, beautiful location, fun activities. The clients were great too. I am glad I invested in myself. Thanks APN.


I recently stayed at APN in March 2021, following a severe depression. Even 2 days prior, I would’ve sworn that I would NEVER enter a 30-day program, but I am so glad that I did. I used to think that I knew how to live life, but couldn’t understand why my boat was sinking. APN helped me on so many levels; the tools they provided are priceless.


I have a family member that is in APN's Telehealth program. The Clinical Care has been excellent and I can confidently say my family member looks forward to the therapy sessions and group sessions. I've seen significant improvement in my family member's mental health and it's helped to repair our relationship significantly. I couldn't be more grateful. I highly recommend APN.


This place changed my friend's life in a very meaningful way. Truly a world-class facility coupled with staff that genuinely care about each patient individually. Hard to do it justice via written review, but I cannot recommend APN highly enough!


Being the friend of someone whose family member is a former client, I can not begin to express my gratitude to APN and all the staff who work at the lodge. APN provides a state-of-the-art facility combined with exceptional staff who truly care for each and every client. 11/10 would recommend to anyone looking for treatment for themselves, a family member or a friend.


The staff there really care. They are very devoted to getting the best treatment for you. I've been to a bunch of treatment centers before, and this one is just amazing from the staff to the property. It was a really good experience. It was hard, obviously, but I feel like I got a ton of trauma work done as well as working on stuff with my addiction. I've been sober almost 8 months now, and I could barely get 3 weeks after going anywhere else.


I just wanted to take the time to write words of gratitude towards this wonderful rehab. My husband went here 6 months ago for drug addiction and I’m thankful he chose this place opposed to so many others. So many rehabs have a bad rep for getting the clients in and out and all they want is the money. This isn’t the case here. The therapists are top top top notch. It’s a very caring genuine program and I highly recommend.


I wish I had words to accurately express the gratefulness I sit with because of the APN Lodge. When you think of a Rehabilitation lodge you hope you will simply see results in the individual that goes, with APN that is not the case! APN works with the family as well so when the individual comes home you have the best chance of success. When you leave APN you also don’t leave it all behind you can still receive services from afar! They don’t forget about you! APN has changed our lives!


As it was a very scary time for my family and I to select a treatment center for my addiction, I am so glad i decided to come to APN. The staff here is extremely dedicated to each clients well being, the trauma work is top of the line and I feel as if I have taken huge steps in my recovery. The facility is state of the art which really helps when going through some of the hardest times in life. I really have a new family with the connections I have made here in treatment


I was skeptical and closed-minded for the first two weeks before I started to truly let my guard down. This place APN, and the staff and experience that I had here, is what changed my life. I’m a totally different person mentally and physically and I owe it all to this place. I'm more engaged with my family, I'm more engaged with my kids. I'm willing to go on vacations. I'm willing to try new things that I would never have tried… and now I'm completely open and eager to try new things, and truly live a sober life, versus just living as a non-drinker. The combination of APN, the staff here, and the rooms of AA is what saved my life and keep me sober today

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