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Why We’re More Than A Luxury Rehab

We don’t pretend to know your story – what you’ve been through or why you’re reading a luxury rehab blog. We hope to learn. Until then, here’s what we know.

There is a reason you’re here. Maybe you’re looking for a luxury rehab for yourself, a family member, a teammate, a colleague, or a friend. You’ve combed ten or twenty websites of pretty places with fancy rooms and enviable locations claiming to be the best luxury drug and alcohol abuse treatment center out there. You’re impressed by different pieces of their websites, facility, or marketing pitch. But it’s hard to tell what truly makes one different from the rest. You’ve seen one luxury rehab; you think you’ve seen them all. Not All Points North Lodge.

We are more than a luxury rehab. We do the rehab part of course, but there is so much more. Beyond luxury, beyond recovery, beyond rehab. Here’s what we mean.

More than just luxury rehab

At All Points North (APN) Lodge, we’re about getting you well – physically, mentally, and socially. APN Lodge offers two unique tracks for guests who are struggling with addiction and for those who aren’t.

Addiction treatment, mental health, trauma therapy

Primary care, preventative health, and wellness initiatives

Now you could go to a bunch of different places and see a host of different people to target all those areas and try piecing everything together. Or you could come here.

Custom-curation of each individual plan

Your journey is unique to you alone. Rather than sticking you in a cookie-cutter therapy process, we learn your story and create a treatment plan just for you. Our extensive, multidisciplinary assessments help us identify exactly what you need and how we can help.

The Luxury Rehab Goal: Recovery as the baseline, not the finish line

Whether you’re searching for trauma treatment or addiction treatment, recovery is a common goal. You’re seeking a sustainable state of a clean, sober, and mentally healthy life. All decent luxury rehabs will work to guide you there. We’ll take you there and then take you further. Our goal for you is recovery. But not just recovery – joy, purpose, meaning, and fulfillment too. Recovery is easier when life feels meaningful. It’s as simple as that. We help you confront the past and move into the future, reclaiming it through planning, adventuring, treatment, and community.

Luxury on a whole new level

With every fiber of our being, we believe mental health and personal growth is more than worth your time and money. So we’re leading the charge. We’ve put our money where our mouth is. All Points North Lodge is the single largest investment in a behavioral health facility, to date. A stunning landscape just outside of Vail, Colorado is the ideal backdrop for a private, rejuvenating time of retreat and self-work. Our beautiful accommodations complete with a state-of-the-art fitness center, onsite spa, staff chef, and immaculate décor make All Points North Lodge your home away from home, with every amenity designed to bring rest, joy, and support as you embark on this journey.

More activities and excursions than most resorts

Part of moving forward involves discovering (or rediscovering) what sets your heart on fire. We encourage this process both on and off-campus. Our treatment and training do not hide you away from society. You’ll learn to live real life while you’re learning to be well. Skiing, golfing, mountain biking, fly fishing, yoga, hiking, swimming, culinary classes, alpine flight tours, whitewater rafting, and so much more are all at your fingertips at the Lodge and beyond.

After luxury rehab: staying connected and building a community

When you leave most luxury rehabs, you become part of the alumni. Growth, mental health, development, recovery, and new challenges shouldn’t stop. We should celebrate milestones and accomplishments, but life is a journey. Rather than putting a graduation cap on you, waving goodbye, and throwing you back into the world, we stick with you. A healthy and full life requires community and support. In the All Points North community, you’ll be a member. We stay connected with you long-term as much as you want. You can read our blogs, schedule monthly calls, participate in remote support groups, and come back for health initiatives. We’re with you in the short-term, but we’re also with you for life. We’re building a community to support, guide, and encourage you through every step of your journey.

Isn’t it about time we champion addiction treatment and mental health? Let’s call the vulnerable strong and celebrate those who ask for help. Whether you are preventing, treating, or rising out of crisis, you get our sincere respect. You’re not our patients, you’re our guests. It’s your launching ground. It’s your way forward. This is All Points North Lodge. We’re so much more than a luxury rehab.

Anna Mason

Anna Mason

Director of Marketing

Anna is a champion of stories and people person who works as the Director of Marketing for All Points North. Anna's heart beats for the "aha moments" of mental health, and she considers it an honor to create content that fosters these moments for people everywhere.