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Spending Quality Time Alone Is Americans’ Top Method for Managing Depression, Reveals All Points North Lodge Research

Financial woes and loss of a loved one are leading triggers for depression

LOS ANGELES, December 2, 2021 – All Points North Lodge (APN Lodge), the Colorado-based behavioral health and personal development provider, found that close to half (46%) of Americans admit they are depressed. A solid majority (67%) of those who are depressed acknowledge that it increases around the holidays.

APN Lodge polled 1,000 U.S. adult consumers across all demographics to understand how depression affects them during the holidays and what they do to manage it.

“The nation is still experiencing depression and trauma from the events that took place these past few years, and the holidays will bring that out even more for some,” says Noah Nordheimer, CEO, All Points North Lodge. “In fact, for many, this time of year is extremely challenging; seasonal and holiday depression are more common than most think. But we are hopeful that if we continue to destigmatize mental health issues, we can ensure that people will have access to the best solutions and therapies for their particular challenge.”

Americans Are Taking Alone Time to Cope

The pandemic caused many Americans to feel isolated, but some feel that a little bit of alone time can help them deal with their mental health. According to the survey, 45% of Americans say that taking some alone time is the best way they’ve found to manage their depression around the holidays.

Close to a third (31%) of Americans admit to drinking and/or using drugs to manage their holiday depression, while a quarter (25%) reveal they don’t have a healthy way of managing it.

While 51% of both Gen Z and Millennials agree that spending time alone is how they primarily try to cope with their holiday depression, their alternate methods couldn’t be more different: Gen Z prefers writing and journaling to cope (32%), while Millennials report they drink and/or use drugs (43%).

What Triggers Your Holiday Depression?

For many, the financial fallout from the pandemic took a toll and had a significant impact on their mental health, and the holidays only seem to exacerbate the depression around their finances. According to the study, Americans reveal that financial issues are the top trigger for their holiday depression (55%).

The loss of a family member or close one has a significant impact, with half (50%) saying this is a major trigger for their holiday depression. A near majority of Americans (47%) acknowledge that seeing people who appear to be happier – or just comparing themselves to others – can also set off their depression.

New Year, New Mental Health

No matter how taxing these last few years have been, Americans are still hopeful for mental health peace in 2022. The research found that over 42% of Americans say they have a mental health goal this year, which includes:

  • To be better aligned in soul, body, and mind – 64%
  • To seek mental health treatment – 29%
  • Find alternative treatments for mental health issues – 25%
  • Staying sober – 22%

However, there is a generational divide when it comes to mental health goals.

Three-quarters (75%) of Baby Boomers admit they don’t have a mental health goal for the new year, while Gen Z’s and Millennials’ top goals are the same: to be better aligned in soul, body, and mind (69%, 59% respectively) and to seek mental health treatment (32%, 38% respectively). Millennials are also looking to give up certain vices (29%), while Gen Z wants to find alternative treatments for mental health issues (32%).

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