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All Points North Lodge Research Confirms COVID-19’s Negative Impact on Americans’ Mental Health

A Majority Report Feeling Isolated and One-Third More Depressed Since the Start of the Pandemic

LOS ANGELES, April 1, 2021 – New research from All Points North Lodge (APN Lodge), the Colorado-based behavioral health and personal development provider, finds that a majority of Americans (59%) are feeling isolated since the start of the pandemic, even though nearly three-quarters are living with someone.

APN Lodge polled 1,000 consumers across all demographics to discern how Americans coped with quarantining/stay-at-home orders and the historical events of 2020. The resulting data confirms that Americans are confronting more mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and panic attacks due to these events. It also illustrates that the perceived stigma of having a mental health challenge is keeping many from seeking treatment.

More than a third (36%) of Americans are more depressed by the state of the world because of the public health, racial, social, and political events of this past year. Nearly as many (35%) are more anxious, and 18% are experiencing more mental health issues than before.

“As the data shows, an increasing number of individuals are struggling with mental health, which of course makes sense – it’s been quite a year,” said Noah Nordheimer, CEO of All Points North Lodge. “But the only way we’ll get through it is by taking the steps to improve ourselves and our minds. At APN, we want all of our clients to feel that they are supported and being treated for their own individual struggles.”

APN’s research reveals Americans’ mental health challenges and the various ways they are looking to alleviate those challenges:


Mental health issues are on the rise. The survey finds that since the onset of pandemic, Americans are combating escalating mental health issues, with 36.7% experiencing more anxiety, 32.5% more panic attacks, and 27% more depression. Close to a third (30.3%) regularly grapple with stress and anxiety.

Americans are also feeling more isolated. While close to three quarters (74.4%) live with someone, the majority (59.5%) still report feeling isolated since the pandemic began. A whopping 67% of Millennials have battled feelings of isolation, as have nearly 60% of Gen Zers.


More Americans are exploring alternative methods to manage their anxiety and other mental health concerns than are taking prescription medicine. Nearly half (46.5%) of Americans are using holistic remedies to relax and manage their stress and mental health, while a little over a third (36.7%) are taking prescription medicines.

Vitamin use tops the list, but Americans are also self-soothing with tea, CBD, and THC. The younger cohorts – Gen Zers and Millennials – are the most likely to use CBD or THC to manage their stress and mental health.

However, many Americans are not taking any action to improve their mental health. A large percentage (63%) of Americans are not taking prescription medicines, close to half of Americans (44.7%) haven’t tried counseling or therapy, and more than a third (35.7%) haven’t tried any alternative remedies. Of those who haven’t tried therapy, about a third say it’s because they don’t have a mental health diagnosis, while nearly a quarter say it’s too expensive.


There’s still a stigma around mental health. Fear of being judged because of a mental health diagnosis is the No.1 barrier to people getting help when struggling with mental health, with 57.8% citing this as the top reason they don’t seek treatment. However, lack of support from family and friends also looms large, with 43.8% citing this as the reason. Additional concerns include negative perceptions of therapy (38.9%) and the inconvenience of going to in-person appointments or treatment (31.9%).

“Stigma is still a key factor in receiving help, along with convenience of going to treatment,” said Nordheimer. “At APN, we are working to remove the stigma and bring to light that improving yourself is not something to be ashamed of — in fact, it’s something to be celebrated. In addition to in-person care, we’re also making addiction and mental health treatment more convenient with online treatment options. After the year we’ve had, we should all be working towards better mental fitness and physical fitness so we can come out stronger on the other side.”

APN Lodge is a team of mental health experts that are devoted to helping people have sustainable, positive lives. A founding principle is that no one should ever have to feel shame for wanting to improve their life. APN Lodge aims to remove the stigma and to create a place where people across the world can find their way forward.



All Points North Lodge is a behavioral health and wellness provider specializing in mental health, trauma, and addiction treatment. With a mountainside campus in Colorado and an exclusive app for virtual therapy and coaching, APN Lodge exists to help clients across the globe find their way forward.

Because every story is different, experts work with each onsite client to create a custom-curated treatment plan. Modalities may include cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, dialectical behavior therapy, breathwork, yoga, meditation, and adventure/experiential therapy. During this time, family members of clients meet virtually with their own APN therapist to guide and equip the entire family system. Tech-forward, the APN Concussion & Depression Center offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for TBI and various other conditions as well as Deep TMS for medication-resistant depression and OCD.

With a resort-style campus, APN Lodge boasts stunning suites, mountain views, a fitness center, spa services, indoor and outdoor pools, and activities like skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, and mountain biking – all as the backdrop to wellness and personal growth.

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