A Majority of Companies Failed to Invest in Their Employees’ Mental Health During the Pandemic, All Points North Lodge Study Reveals | All Points North

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A Majority of Companies Failed to Invest in Their Employees’ Mental Health During the Pandemic, All Points North Lodge Study Reveals

64% of Americans Report Their Employers Don’t Have Policies in Place That Foster Wellness or Prevent Burnout

LOS ANGELES, April 29, 2021 – Research from All Points North Lodge (APN Lodge), the Colorado-based behavioral health and personal development provider, reveals that 44% of Americans are feeling stressed, anxious or sad because of burnout from work. A solid majority (64%) of Americans report their companies don’t have any policies in place to support wellness or prevent burnout.

APN Lodge polled 1,000 U.S. adult consumers about coping with mental health challenges in the work environment during the pandemic. The survey results indicate that the pandemic’s impact on an individual’s mental health permeates through all aspects of his or her life.

“Stress itself isn’t bad, but when you are exhausted, overwhelmed and distressed by your work — you may start to adopt unhealthy ways of coping with the burnout,” said Noah Nordheimer, CEO, All Points North Lodge “APN Lodge clinicians and experts see how work burnout can affect a person’s well-being and want to educate employers to understand that mental health is part of a person’s overall health and needs to be addressed as such.”

The APN Lodge team and campus of professionals are devoted to helping people have sustainable, positive lives and believe that no one should ever have to feel shame for wanting to improve their life.

Nearly three-quarters of companies haven’t invested in their employees’ mental health or well-being since the pandemic began. Of those companies that did provide mental health support, Americans cited the most important was paid mental health days (47%) and being allowed to work from home (42%).

A third of Americans want their employer to hire more people to alleviate the hardship of working very long hours — suggesting that many employees are exhausted from overwork.

“As the data demonstrates, employees want more recognition of mental health wellness programs, such as paid mental health days and working from home,” said Ryan Soave, APN Lodge Director of Program Development and certified trauma therapist. “To fully understand mental health wellness for employees, corporate America needs to better understand the effects of workplace stress and burnout and create a more accepting place where employees feel comfortable taking care of themselves and their mental health.”

The pandemic has helped catapult the topic of mental health into the mainstream, as more Americans than ever struggle with feelings of isolation and depression. Still, only slightly more than a quarter of Americans report that they are comfortable speaking about mental health challenges or sharing their stories with others. APN believes that the stigma associated with mental health challenges may be the reason why workplaces haven’t looked to move forward with additional support.

“Just because your employees aren’t talking to you about their mental health doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling,” said Nordheimer. “ Supporting employee mental health will pay off at the corporate level, too — with less burnout, higher morale, and greater company loyalty. Companies need to ask themselves, ‘Do our employees actually need another pizza party? Or do they need to know that we respect their work-life balance?’”

Added Nordheimer, “We believe it’s the latter.”



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