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Therapy Unboxed is hosted by Lana Seiler, MSW, LCSW, and Lead Therapist at All Points North Lodge. In each episode, Lana focuses on a behavioral health topic. She’ll discuss the general definition, go over a brief history and common misconceptions, conduct a quick discussion with a specialist, and wrap up the show with intended takeaways and key points. Topics include trauma, anxiety, burnout, codependency, gaslighting, creating LGBTQ+ safe spaces in therapy, and more! Join Lana and other mental health experts as they unbox therapy from the inside out.

Trauma Unboxed

Welcome to Therapy Unboxed with Lana Seiler. In this first episode, Lana unboxes trauma. Pain is a natural response to emotional and physical wounds, and trauma happens when these wounds are left untended. Our relationship with trauma is relative to our individual life experiences and development. When we learn to process and cope, we can heal from trauma and create a relationship that becomes more manageable.


Lana talks with APN’s Clinical Supervisor of Admissions, John Hardman, about what it means to embody an LGBTQ-affirming approach to therapy. They review common barriers and shortcomings, acknowledge the importance of LGBTQ culture and community, and identify actionable steps to establish safety and meet client needs across sexual orientations and genders.


Families play a huge role in how we develop our attachment and communication styles, form our identities, and set boundaries. Lana talks with APN’s Director of Family Programming, Karri Francisco, to explore how family therapy cuts through individual perceptions to offer insight into negative patterns so we can find greater awareness, understand the impacts of our relationships, and overcome unhealthy cycles for better connection.


Are you burnt out but feel like you don’t “deserve” rest? Many of us equate our value with our ability to overwork ourselves. In this episode, Lana shares some of the signs and symptoms of burnout, clears up common misconceptions, and discusses the difference between burnout and stress. She offers actionable steps that we can take to heal from burnout, prevent future episodes, and get more comfortable with embracing rest.


We all have a biological need to be seen and heard. In this episode, Lana talks with APN Primary Therapist, Laura Tucker, about the importance of being present with clients, the challenges of co-regulation, and what it truly means to hold an open, safe, contained therapeutic space. They discuss requirements and actionable steps therapists can take to create trust with clients, plus how to establish boundaries and practice grounding so we can show up for ourselves and our loved ones.


Sometimes we experience trauma that needs a deeper level of healing. In this episode, Lana talks with APN Telehealth Therapist, Arlene Story, about how psychodrama can help clients undo harmful core beliefs, unlock self-compassion and empathy, and heal. Psychodrama can be helpful for clients struggling with anxiety, depression, shame, fear, grief, family conflict, substance use, process addictions, trauma, and more. They discuss the differences between psychodrama and other therapeutic techniques plus how to facilitate the best outcomes for clients.


We can all relate to having a little bit of anxiety because it’s part of the human experience, but anxiety disorders create a never-ending loop with very real physical and emotional consequences. In this episode, Lana talks with APN Nurse Practitioner, Joanna Kluender, about the biological sensations of anxiety, where anxiety and phobias come from, what they can mean, and how we can find relief with professional support. They discuss related disorders and possible genetic links, plus techniques that can help us pause and ground ourselves in high-stress situations.


Is ketamine-assisted therapy safe? Can everyone benefit from ketamine treatments? Lana talks with Dr. Kate Daly, the Medical Director of Plus by APN. They discuss the combat origins of ketamine therapy, how ketamine has evolved to treat depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, pain, trauma, and more, possible side effects and common misconceptions, the differences between ketamine as a drug of misuse versus therapeutic applications in a clinical environment, treatment options, and what to expect.

Psychedelic Treatment Unboxed

In this episode, Lana talks with Anthony Gonzalez, LCSW, about the history of psychedelic use in a clinical setting, how LSD, MDMA, and psilocybin have evolved to treat mental health issues, and the different applications for PTSD, trauma, and addiction. They also discuss how psychedelic-assisted therapy differs from indigenous ceremonial medicines and how pop culture can contribute to stigma, cultural appropriation, and greater awareness.

Yoga Unboxed

Self-care is an essential part of treatment and recovery — we all need a practice that makes us feel safe and centered. In this episode, Lana talks with APN Lodge Spa Manager, Annie Richards, about energy healing, how to feel safe receiving bodywork after trauma, and how movement benefits the work we do in talk therapy. They also discuss how energy work teaches us to self-regulate, embrace the messy side of life, and access our inner strength, vulnerability, calm, and empowerment.

Mood Disorders Unboxed

In this episode, Lana and Dr. Kate Daly dive deep into mood disorders and depression, including symptoms, criteria, and treatment, chemical and environmental influences, and COVID’s impact on depression. They discuss how to help manage moods when they come up, what mania and hypo-mania look like, and how hypo-mania can often be missed.

Sex, Sexuality, & Sex Therapy Unboxed

Sex is so much more than a biological function, and we cannot approach sexuality and sex therapy without nuance and cultural awareness. In this episode, Lana talks with the Chief Clinical Officer of All Points North Lodge, Dr. Philip Hemphill, LCSW, about the history of sex therapy, what it takes to become a sex therapist, common barriers for clients, and treatment options. They also discuss sex positivity, sex work, vulnerability, and what people can gain from feeling empowered in their sexual expression.

Relapse Unboxed

Removing the stigma and increasing transparency around relapse helps bolster long-term recovery and can save lives. In this special recording with a live audience of clients and staff at All Points North Lodge, Lana talks with Lead Therapist, Dustin Straight, LAC, about why relapse happens, relapse behaviors and warning signs, and how we can remove ego and shame to uncover the lessons within cravings and relapse. They also discuss the disease model of addiction, the differences between process addiction and substance use relapse, reclaiming the holidays in recovery, and how to create functional rituals in sobriety. After the show, they host a Q+A with APN clients.