Luxury Rehab - Staff Favorites: On-Campus Amenities

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Staff Favorites: On-Campus Amenities with Andrea Boorse

Andrea Boorse, Manager of Clinical Integration

Video Transcript:

The media room. Totally the media room. When I went in there for the first time, I was blown away. I mean, not only is it a movie theater screen. You got… It’s basically just a whole room of TVs. It’s gorgeous. The views are incredible. I love just being in there. The other best part is the view from the cafeteria because you can’t beat it. And you look over the pool, it’s just beautiful. So yeah, I’d say the media room or the dining room.

Anna Mason

Anna Mason

Director of Marketing

Anna is a champion of stories and people person who works as the Director of Marketing for All Points North. Anna's heart beats for the "aha moments" of mental health, and she considers it an honor to create content that fosters these moments for people everywhere.