Process Addiction - What Is Workaholism, and How Is It Identified?

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What is workaholism, and how is it identified?

Arlene Story, Telehealth Therapist

Video Transcript:

Workaholism is one of the process addictions, and many people fall into it without recognizing that they’re moving in a self-destructive manner. Somebody with workaholism, work becomes their entire life, and their relationships suffer, their family relationships suffer. Their health very often suffers, because it becomes a I call it a do mentality, that you function in do mode all the time, and ultimately you end up a very unhappy, sad person. You may be very accomplished, and many workaholics are, but they’re empty inside. And what we want to do is help people to find some balance, and still be very productive at work and have healthy relationships and connections.

Anna Mason

Anna Mason

Director of Marketing

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