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2022 Year in Review and 2023 Plans

2022 Growth

In 2022, we:

  • Expanded our continuum of care
  • Fostered new partnerships and opportunities
  • Encouraged our employees’ professional and personal accomplishments
  • Reached new audiences with media opportunities
  • Supported hundreds of clients
  • Solidified our mission to provide a mind-body-soul approach to wellness
  • Achieved client outcomes in the top 5% of US treatment providers for the second year in a row

2022 has been our greatest year yet, and we’re just getting started.

New Locations and Offerings

Plus by APN and 9x Fitness

We opened APN Malibu to the public with a grand opening celebration on October 14.


Plus by APN adds innovative neurotechnology to our service offerings, including deep TMS, ketamine-assisted therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, qEEG brain mapping, stellate ganglion blocks, and neurofeedback. These services will be available across the US, starting with our Malibu and Edwards, Colorado locations.

9x Fitness incorporates an embodied group fitness concept with personal training, EMS concierge, nutrition consultations, tailored meal plans, and collaborative memberships with The Mindry in Malibu.

APN Telehealth

We’re proud of our telehealth team and their commitment to helping clients work toward clear, concrete, attainable goals. In 2022, APN Telehealth evolved to meet the needs of our growing client populations.

We expanded our telehealth team and virtual offerings, created a detox to TIOP track and Professionals program, and extended outpatient therapy to support families and couples outside of the Lodge environment.

Our telehealth team offers unparalleled support for individuals, couples, and families looking to address common topics and themes, including:

  • Family conflict
  • Generational trauma
  • Breaking patterns
  • Better boundaries
  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Increasing support
  • Increasing healthier ways of showing up for each other

We believe that meaningful connection is the heart of wellness. With better support, our clients can form healthier bonds and thrive in mind, body, and soul.

New Partnerships and Opportunities

We secured a contract with TriWest so that Veterans can receive services at zero personal cost. APN also executed a partnership agreement with the largest privately held hospital system in the United States to pilot APN Connection services to patients in trauma and burn units.

We now offer medication management through Mile High Psychiatry (MHP) for virtual clients in CO, OH, TX, FL, AL, SC, GA, TN, MD, NM, NV, VA, WA, CA, and OK, with coverage in additional states coming soon.

Employee Growth

In addition to growing our team, we were honored to witness many professional and personal accomplishments. Our staff received additional certifications, promotions, and credentials. We welcomed our first furry team member, Hope, to the Lodge. We even celebrated our first APN wedding!

As a company, we established clinical and medical boards to oversee programming and best practices. This is a huge step in our commitment to providing clinical excellence and ensuring the best possible treatment experience for our clients.

Media Exposure

With new podcasts on All Points Network and plenty of media opportunities, we expanded our reach to new audiences.

News Features

Here are just a few of the features from 2022:

  • Forbes: Veterans Healthcare Company APN Publishes Results Of Study On Mental Health, More In Civilian Life
  • Fast Company: Many Veterans struggle to hold down a job due to struggles with mental health
  • Well and Good: Ultra-Luxe ‘Recovery Clubs’ Want To Heal Your Body and Mind, but Are They Worth It?
  • Psychiatric Times: Survey Finds 1 in 7 Physicians Uses Alcohol or Drugs on the Job to Cope With Stress
  • Yahoo! Finance: All Points North Is Transforming the Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Industry with Hybrid Telehealth
  • The Hill: Suffering from burnout, doctors are working drunk or high on the job: report
  • The Daily Beast: Stop Letting Health Insurance Companies Break the Law
  • International Business Times: This Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health Brand Was Born in the Pandemic; Now, They’re Shaking Up the Entire Health Industry
  • Sleepopolis: Is Your Doctor Getting Enough Sleep? You Might Want to Find Out

All Points Network

We launched our first podcast shows, Therapy Unboxed with Lana Seiler and Recovery x APN with Dan Brody and Andy Silvagni.

Therapy Unboxed featured 13 episodes with Lana and guest clinicians from the Lodge and beyond, covering a range of topics about various treatment options, diagnoses, and common therapy topics.


Recovery x APN guests shared their experiences as APN alum on the other side of mental health and addiction treatment. With 14 personal stories, staff shoutouts, family perspectives, and uplifting updates, RxAPN brought hope to thousands of listeners in the recovery community.


We recorded the final episodes of each show in front of a live audience of APN clients, alumni, and staff at the Lodge during our 2022 Alumni Weekend in November. Audience members participated in a live Q+A with podcast hosts at the end of the episodes.

Events at the Lodge

In addition to a live podcasting event, we kicked off our Alumni Weekend with 50 guests from across the country. We reminisced, reconnected, and reignited our passion for recovery with shared meals, trips to the Lodge, ice skating, and more.

Earlier this year, we hosted the 2022 APN Summit at the Lodge. Recovery professionals traveled to Edwards to learn, connect, and strengthen networks of support for clients. Participants toured the Lodge, went off campus for special excursions, and attended workshops on various topics, including:

  • Integrative Care in Behavioral Health
  • Confronting Stigma and Raising the Bar of Clinical Excellence
  • Strategic Partnerships Elevating Patient Care
  • Interventional Psychiatry at APN: Improved Outcomes with the Utilization of Neurotechnology and Alternative Treatment Modalities
  • Relationships
  • The Power of Professional Collaboration

Treatment Outcomes

Of course, the most important progress we’ve made this year has been the work we’ve done with our clients. From detox and assessment to the Lodge and online, at 9x and Plus by APN, our clients have taken the leap and put in the work to make changes in their mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

In 2022, we admitted:

  • 326 clients into the detox program
  • 595 clients at the Lodge
  • And 948 total clients across all levels of care

We welcomed new members to 9x and formed new relationships with clients at Plus by APN in Malibu.

We once again ranked among the top 5% of US treatment providers according to the ACORN Collaboration.

During a year of tremendous growth, our first priority is our commitment to our clients. As we forge new paths into the future, we remain rooted in this commitment.

Coming in 2023

In 2023, we’ll see more growth throughout the APN continuum of care from detox and assessment to residential and outpatient treatment, neurotechnology, and more.

New Locations

We kicked off the new year with a brand new location: APN Boulder will serve the community with Plus by APN services, including ketamine-assisted therapy, deep transcranial magnetic stimulation, stellate ganglion block, neurofeedback, and qEEG brain mapping.

Additional Plus by APN locations are in the works for Dallas and Naples. Our Dallas location will also serve the community with detox and assessment in addition to deep TMS, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and ketamine-assisted therapy in conjunction with psychotherapy.

Our first international location will open in London ahead of spring. APN London clients will benefit from deep TMS, individual and group therapy, professional assessments and evaluations, and 9x by APN offerings, all in one stunning location.

SGB by Stella

We’ll be able to help more clients struggling with PTSD, stress, and other trauma-related issues using stellate ganglion blocks. Stella providers can treat trauma as a physical injury to help clients heal with concurrent support from APN therapists. The goal is to open the window of tolerance and complement other treatment modalities so clients can recover in mind, body, and soul.

Revive Retreats

In the spirit of mind/body/soul healing, we’re launching APN Revive Retreats: three days and three nights of direction, grounding, and wellness in the mountains of Colorado.


Revive Retreats offer a sacred pause layered with professional support. Clients benefit from a range of services, including:

  • Wellness, spa, and fitness offerings
  • Personalized, guided goal setting
  • Strengths and weaknesses assessment
  • Coping mechanism instruction and recommendations
  • Holistic and adjunctive practice recommendations

The goal of Revive Retreat is to help you identify blocks that are leaving you feeling burnt out, move through barriers to personal and professional fulfillment, and assess which wellness components will best support you both during the retreat and at home.

APN Connection Updates

Connection is one of our core values as a company – we believe it’s essential for wellness, especially for those of us in recovery. We want to remove the barriers that keep people from accessing quality mental health, trauma, and addiction services, and APN Connection allows us to do just that.

APN Connection users can access individual and group therapy sessions from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. And with new app updates in the works, clients can schedule and access services and support with just a few taps.

Coming Soon From All Points Network

Our podcasts have connected with thousands of listeners around the world. In 2023, we’ll continue to fuel that connection and stoke the fire of inspiration with brand-new shows from All Points Network. We’ll introduce new hosts, welcome new guests, and explore an unlimited supply of new topics related to mental health, addiction, trauma, recovery, and the human experience.

… And Beyond

Even in all the excitement of sharing what we’ve accomplished and what we’re looking forward to, we cannot possibly miss an opportunity to acknowledge our gratitude.

For our clients, for our employees, for our friends and families, investors and referents – every person has a hand in our success. Thank you for an amazing 2022.

As APN grows, so will our commitment to this community. Together, we’ll reach more people and support them in their most vulnerable moments. Together, we’ll create more opportunities to thrive in 2023 and all the years to come.