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10 Podcasts to Supercharge Your Recovery

by Tommy Carreras

The words we surround ourselves with matter. They weave together to influence the soundtracks that play over and over in our heads. Those words (and how they’re said) rattle around, and sometimes we absorb them like an internal monologue.

The right message can strengthen and energize your recovery, pushing you toward health and growth. That’s why you should have a trustworthy list of podcasts that can fill your mind with the right words!

Here are 10 podcasts that challenge, enlighten, and encourage you on your recovery journey.

10. Sober Curious, hosted by Ruby Warrington

Ruby is the author of the popular book Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol. Her podcast, Sober Curious, riffs on those same ideas; she hosts conversations with guests of all kinds about their relationships to substance use and abuse and how to enjoy life as a non-drinker in a world fixated on alcohol.

This podcast is a valuable tool for those pursuing a more conscious, connected, and present life. Ruby tackles a wide range of topics like The Sobriety of Masculinity, being Addicted to Anxiety, and Unapologetic Living.

Episodes average one hour and usually release weekly when in season.

9. The Addicted Mind, hosted by Duane Osterlind, LMFT, CSAT

Duane’s history of addiction started in his teenage years when he received intensive and effective help that changed the course of his life. He eventually found his way into the recovery field and has been helping people on their healing journeys for over a decade.

The Addicted Mind podcast aims to provide reliable information about addiction treatment and research; the guest-driven format drives home the belief that it gets better with the right support and knowledge.

Guests include medical and research experts, effective practitioners, and individuals with personal recovery stories. Conversations provide deep and thoughtful insight in a relatable way.

Episodes average 35 minutes and release weekly.

8. Sex, Love, and Addiction, hosted by Robert Weiss, PhD, MSW

Dr. Rob’s podcast seeks to provide accurate expert information and support for those seeking insight into the painful realities of infidelity and sex and porn addiction. He also covers the relationship between chronic drug abuse and paired sexual behavior. Robert is the author of ten books and is a longtime expert in the field.

Episodes of Sex, Love, and Addiction bounce back and forth between guest interviews and topical breakdowns by Dr. Rob. He even has a partner podcast with his wife Tami called Overcoming Betrayal and Addiction, another invaluable resource for those hurt by a partner or loved one’s addiction.

Episodes average 40 minutes and are released one to two times per month.

7. The Sober Therapist, hosted by Lynn Matti

Lynn’s podcast focuses on clinical information and research to provide helpful discussions and tips for healing from stress, addiction, codependency, overwork, relationship problems, perfectionism, and more. Rooted in years of professional wisdom and evidenced-based therapy practices, The Sober Therapist provides time-tested tools and inspiration for staying sober-minded, honest, and authentic.

Lynn brings a beloved quirkiness and authenticity to her show, making her podcast an easy listen. She takes a broad, positive approach to therapy and encourages resilience and courage as replacements for unhealthy behaviors. Lynn specializes in working with healers, helpers, survivors, and highly sensitive people (HSP Peeps).

Episodes average 30 minutes and usually release weekly.

6. f*cking sober podcast, hosted by Anita Drake

f*cking sober is a very different entry on this list: it’s a “mostly non-fictional semi-comical narrative about the first 90 days of sobriety.” The first season won a Webby award for best writing and received a nomination for best limited series. Listeners follow Anita Drake’s experience across the first eight episodes, and season two is currently in production.

f*cking sober is cathartically relatable and unflinchingly honest. This show strengthens the argument that the awkward and roundabout journey of recovery is indeed worth it. It’s a comforting companion for anyone who has struggled through unsuccessful attempts at their own first 90 days, friends of Bill W., loved ones of someone in recovery, or anyone who wants an inside perspective of the reality of self-discovery.

Season one episodes average 25 minutes each.

5. Recovery Elevator, hosted by Paul Churchill

Paul is similar to recovery practitioners in that he has his own story of personal recovery from alcohol addiction. Recovery Elevator began as one of his attempts at holding himself accountable as publicly as possible – he’s honest and authentic and openly shares the struggles, triumphs, and lessons he’s experienced throughout his journey.

Paul invites others to share their stories of addiction and recovery on the show, along with helpful clinical content. The show’s content is highly applicable to anyone’s journey, and the personal stories remind listeners that no one has to be alone in their recovery. Getting sober is just the beginning – the real adventure starts when you decide to become the person you know you’re meant to be.

Recovery Elevator also hosts local meet-ups and a Montana retreat based on their “RE Cafe” community.

Weekly episodes average one hour each.

4. Wake Up / Wind Down, hosted by Niall Breslin

Wake Up / Wind Down is a twice-daily meditation podcast and probably this collection’s simplest and most unique show. This Spotify Original adds beautifully crafted audio to the start and end of your day, walking you through the key principles for a contemplative, fulfilling life. It was born out of the chaos and confusion we all experienced at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While not specifically recovery-focused, Niall’s podcast helps people build strong meditative skills and muscle memory. These bite-sized guided meditations are sure to bring you a daily sense of peace and serenity and help you approach your day (and sobriety) in a whole new way.

Niall is no longer producing new content, but his 1,500+ episodes are available on Spotify, and they only average 5 minutes per episode.

3. The Daily Shine, hosted by Joy Ofodu

Staying on the meditation train, The Daily Shine is another short daily meditation podcast designed to help you cope with stress and anxiety while building strong self-care skills. A strong recovery depends on stress management skills, and that’s why The Daily Shine is such an effective tool.

The show offers an extensive backlog of topical podcast meditations – so you can start by scrolling through for great topics like “Learn to Say No,” “The Power of Acceptance,” or “Advocate for Your Needs.” You can find more meditations, self-care workshops, and other stress management tools in the Shine app.

Daily episodes average 10 minutes.

2. Sober Coffee, hosted by Glenn H and Mikey R

Join Glenn and Mikey for Sober Coffee: an honest, casual conversation between two guys in recovery. Both hosts took a long and winding road toward recovery, traversing through detoxes, rehabs, doctors, meds, books, and AA before finally surrendering. Their hope for their show is to shed light on essential recovery principles and make it easier for anyone struggling through sobriety to make connections and get help.

Glenn and Mikey also bring on the occasional guest therapist or author and spend some episodes answering listener questions. They keep the conversation fun and lighthearted without shying away from the realities of challenging topics.

Episodes average 25 minutes and are released one or two times a week.

1. Recovery x APN, hosted by Andy Silvagni and Dan Brody

On Recovery x APN, Andy Silvagni and Dan Brody share the stage with real clients who graduated from treatment at All Points North Lodge. Together, they explore personal stories of trial, triumph, and treatment, sharing what their life looked like before coming to All Points North Lodge, what they experienced during substance use and mental health treatment, and what life is like now. Alums get the opportunity to reconnect with APN staff that played a significant role in their journey and share the incredible challenges and gifts they’ve realized in recovery.

Topics include mental health treatment, addiction, childhood trauma, PTSD, OCD, suicidal ideation, and more – real, raw stories from the people who lived them and experienced treatment firsthand at All Points North Lodge.

Episodes average under 1 hour and release weekly on Thursdays.

Finding More Support

Podcasts can be a great tool to complement your recovery, but if you need more support, we can help. All Points North offers a full continuum of care, from detox and assessment to in-person mental health, trauma, and addiction treatment, plus virtual outpatient programming with group and individual sessions, and more. Give us a call at 855.235.9792 or complete our contact form to get started today.