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All Points North Announces Partnership with Journey Colab

New Center of Excellence for Psychedelic-Assisted Treatment Research has Potential to Reshape Behavioral Health Treatment

All Points North partners with Journey Colab to establish first-of-its-kind Center of Excellence, launching with a study on psychedelic treatment of alcohol use disorder (AUD) in a real-world setting.

EDWARDS, CO [February 17, 2023] – Whole person health company offering innovative treatment for the mind, body and soul across the full continuum of care, All Points North (APN), today announced a partnership with Journey Colab, a company devoted to the development and clinical application of psychedelic therapies for the treatment of substance use disorders, to form the first-of-its-kind Center of Excellence for the research and implementation of psychedelic interventions for substance use disorders.

“Approved psychedelic therapies are close to becoming a reality and Journey Colab’s partnership with APN is a huge step forward in addressing how to bring these promising therapies to market safely and at a scale,” said Sam Altman, Chairman of Journey Colab Board of Directors and Co-Founder of OpenAI.

“APN has never shied away from emerging treatments, no matter what stigmas might be attached,” added Dr. Jeeshan Chowdhury, CEO and Co-Founder of Journey Colab. “Their consistent position in the top 5% of ACORN outcomes for behavioral health treatment made them the obvious choice of clinical partner for this project. The Center will combine emerging research in psychedelic care with the best practices in substance use treatment in an integrated treatment program.”

The partnership’s first endeavor will be to design and execute a clinical trial to establish evidence supporting the use of psychedelic-assisted treatment for AUD in the context of a real-world treatment setting. Journey Colab intends to file an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to allow initiation of the trial later this year. This study will advance the credibility of emerging treatments and equip clinicians with new tools for combatting addiction.

“We believe science-based information is critical to unlocking the potential of psychedelics,” said Dr. Kelly Clark, Chairwoman of the Journey Colab Scientific Advisory Board and past President of American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). “With Journey Colab and APN working together, we hope to demonstrate the feasibility and scalability of psychedelic therapy in treating AUD in a real world setting. With addiction reaching crisis levels, new science-backed treatments that support long-term remission would have great human and economic impact.”

Though still being tested, the potential of psychedelic therapy as part of an integrated treatment plan lies in the practicality of short term treatment and the possibility of greater effectiveness.

“The opportunity to advance treatment for those suffering from addiction has always been a part of our vision for APN,” said Noah Nordheimer, Founder and CEO of APN. “Journey Colab, with their biopharmaceutical experience and expertise in psychedelic medicine, is enabling us to support our vision in a new way. We’re honored to be the clinical setting for this trial and hope it results in finding more efficient and effective care for those who are struggling. I am confident the work we do at our Center of Excellence with Journey Colab, with this first study and the many to come, will completely reshape the approach to behavioral health treatment.”

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APN is a whole person health company offering innovative treatment for the mind, body and soul across the full continuum of care. Its unique approach includes integrated, custom care plans and emerging, evidence-based treatments for on-site and out-patient services including, but not limited to group and individual therapy, medical detox, deep TMS, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, trauma-based therapy, medication management, small-group fitness and more. Since opening a flagship residence in Edward, Colorado, APN has expanded to include additional locations in Denver, Malibu, and Dallas/Fort Worth and a state-of-the art APN Connection app to deliver telehealth support and medication management, as well as track outcomes. APN has a lasting commitment to destigmatizing mental healthcare and producing long-term results. For additional information, visit

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