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Future of Mental Health: Ketamine Therapy Survey

NEW 2023 Survey Opinions & Experiences: Ketamine Assisted Therapy
Aerial view of the All Points North Lodge, surrounded by forest-covered mountains


APN exists to inspire total mind-body health with innovative and integrated solutions in-person and online. The APN expert team assesses each individual and family to determine unique needs and goals, developing a treatment plan and recommendations to best pursue total health in mind and body. Treatment plans and recommendations are custom-curated with indicated programs from the initiatives below plus others from our partners. Not all initiatives are appropriate for everyone.

  • The Lodge by APN
    • Residential and PHP treatment for mental health, trauma treatment, and/or addiction treatment at our state-of-the-art Colorado campus
  • Plus by APN
    • Ketamine-assisted healing
    • Deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS)
    • Neurofeedback
    • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
  • Connection by APN
    • Virtual therapy groups
    • Virtual one-on-one therapy
  • 9x by APN
    • Group fitness
    • Personal training
    • Mind-body screenings and benchmarking
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Specialized Programs for

Healthcare Professionals

The specialty program for professionals at APN provides a safe and accountable space for professionals to explore and resolve relevant recovery concerns with staff and peer support. Guiding healthcare and business professionals back to living a purposeful, healthy, fulfilling life.




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The Lounge at All Points North Lodge.
All Points North Lodge

Nestled in the mountains of Edwards, Colorado, All Points North Lodge is the stunning hub for all APN residential and PHP addiction treatment, mental health, and trauma therapy. These behavioral health programs often last for 30-90 days. This location also offers Deep TMS, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and wellness services.

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Screenshots of APN Connection App
APN Connection

Get online therapy and psychiatry or join virtual intensive programs, weekly groups, and support groups with the ease and convenience of our APN Connection app – available on IOS and Android. We pay our clinicians twice the rate of other leading online therapy providers. This brings you the highest talent and care, all available via telehealth.

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The dining room at APN DFW.
APN Dallas-Fort Worth

APN Dallas-Fort Worth is our most robust location other than the Lodge. APN DFW offers detox, behavioral health assessments, PHP, IOP, deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS), ketamine-assisted therapy, HBOT, and more.

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Table and Entryway of APN Denver
APN Denver

Located less than 30 minutes from the Denver International Airport, APN Denver is the first stop for many APN clients from all over the country. All Points North offers medical detoxification (also known as withdrawal management) and an intensive outpatient program for substance use in Aurora, CO.

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Closeup of Yellow TMS Helmet
APN Malibu

Located in the iconic Malibu Country Mart, APN Malibu is a new and growing APN location - offering the Malibu Surf IOP, Deep TMS, neurofeedback, and 9x Fitness

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Women standing on Naples pier
APN Naples

Opening in July 2024, APN Naples will offer a substance use and dual diagnosis IOP, Deep TMS, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and more. Stay tuned for more information.

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Aerial of view of Mountain Home
APN Recovery Residences

In the same private neighborhood of Cordillera, APN Recovery Residences offer more private, more secure, and more intensely personalized experiences for treatment – just a few minutes' drive from APN Lodge. Perfect for families, couples, business executives, or privacy-sensitive clients.

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Clients of All Points North are supported by nearly 300 employees – including psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, personal trainers, dietitians, wellness providers, hospitality, nurse practitioners, nurses, case managers, and client advocates. Learn more about the world-class team at All Points North.



APN is working toward a world where “healthy” always includes the mind, body, and soul. Where “wellness” has trackable outcomes for higher transparency. And where the stigma of mental healthcare doesn’t keep people stuck in their struggle. APN exists to help people everywhere find total health and their true north – with direction and purpose in mind, body, and soul.

Find out what’s coming next for APN with new locations, new podcasts, new programs, and new launches.

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A blue duotone image of Lana Seiler with a text overlay: Therapy Unboxed with Lana Seiler


Therapy Unboxed is hosted by Lana Seiler, MSW, LCSW, and Lead Therapist at All Points North Lodge. In each episode, Lana focuses on a behavioral health topic. She unboxes big concepts with a general definition, a brief history and common misconceptions, a quick discussion with a specialist, and takeaways and key points. Topics include trauma, anxiety, burnout, codependency, gaslighting, creating LGBTQ+ safe spaces in therapy, and more! Join Lana and other mental health experts as they unbox therapy from the inside out.

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