Overcoming Three Hidden Causes of Burnout - APN Speaker Series with Darryll Stinson

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APN Speaker Series with Darryll Stinson

September 21, 2022 @ 3:00 PM Mountain

APN x Darryll Stinson

Overcoming Three Hidden Causes of Burnout

APN is proud to present our Virtual Speaker Series – an initiative to equip our clients and community with a wide variety of resources in mental health, addiction, and trauma recovery. In this installation of the Speaker Series, Darryll Stinson shares the three hidden causes of burnout, what we can do to heal, and how we can avoid burnout in the future.

  • Learn why knowing how to prevent burnout doesn’t help you prevent it
  • Recognize three hidden causes of burnout before stress becomes too overwhelming
  • Discover burnout prevention techniques that go beyond taking time off to rest
  • Identify actions steps that you can take today to recover from a recent burnout or prevent future ones

About Darryll

Darryll Stinson is a transformational speaker on a mission to impact the world by helping leaders grow their movements through personal development, storytelling, and public speaking.

As a former Division 1 athlete who lost his career due to a severe back injury, Darryll, founder of Second Chance Athletes, overcame multiple suicide attempts to become an international speaker, best-selling author, credential minister, award-winning philanthropist, and 2xTEDx speaker — with one of his talks grossing more than 1.7 million views.

Darryll’s ultimate goal in life is to be known for how he loves and how he gives. When he is not working, Darryll enjoys rapping, reading, entertainment, music, sports, exploring nature, and spending time with his wife and four amazing children.