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Starting Deep TMS Treatment

Jason Thompson

So your standard prescription for TMS is 36 total treatments. The first one takes about an hour, and this is obviously after you’ve met with your psychiatrist and we meet the qualifications with a depressive diagnosis, a medication history, trials of therapy, so on and so forth. But that first treatment takes about an hour. We’ll do some paperwork just so we’re on the same page, as far as what the outcomes are supposed to be, what we can actually achieve, what’s attainable. And then we do cortical mapping and it’s just fancy words. That means where does the magnet go? How strong does it have to be for that specific individual?

We know that the anatomy of the brain is about the same from person to person, but the amount of hair you have, the thickness of the scalp, the density of the skull, those are all factors including shape and all that. So we want to make sure it’s specific for you. And then we also use the smallest amount of power that still elicits a response for us. Each subsequent treatment after that is only 20 minutes. So it’s a very, very small impact on a daily routine. It fits in whether you’re a morning person, afternoon person, or nighttime person.

Anna Mason

Anna Mason

Director of Marketing

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