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a podcast produced in partnership with WarriorNOW

A Green Beret, a playwright, and a clinician with expertise in learning disabilities walk into a podcast studio … the result? A podcast that cuts through the noise surrounding mental health for uncensored conversations with real people.


Harder Than Healing grapples with the perceived differences in trauma, mental health, and learning disabilities. Our hosts, Donald (a Green Beret), Nathaniel (a clinician), and Jason (a playwright), share the stage with a wide range of guests to process, heal, and move forward. Together, our hosts, guests, and listeners forge connections here and NOW – as a Network Of Warriors united in storytelling.

Ep 1: A Clinician, a Playwright, and a Green Beret Walk Into a Sound Studio

Meet Nathaniel, Jason, and Donald: your hosts of Harder Than Healing. This episode sets the stage for the show and what we’re hoping to accomplish. We’re covering a lot of ground, but we’re not pulling any punches. Let’s get into it.

Ep 2: The Enemy Gets A Vote

The Episode About Substance Abuse

Megan Marx joins Nathaniel, Jason, and Donald to talk about the pathways into and out of substance abuse: why it happens, how it overlaps with trauma and neurodiversity, how it affects the body, and how preparing for sobriety is similar to preparing for battle.

Ep 3: Whiskey Tangro Oxfot

The Episode About Dyslexia

With the help of their guest, Angela Moriera, the hosts of Harder Than Healing explore different ways of thinking and what it feels like to be dyslexic. They start unpacking the misconceptions by asking “What *isn’t* dyslexia?” and exploring the potential superpowers that come with thinking differently.

Ep 4: Drowning Pools

The Episode About Trauma

The song “Bodies” by Drowning Pool became a favorite of soldiers in the early 2000s; a drowning pool is also a powerful metaphor for trauma. In this episode, we’re diving into trauma and the drowning pool metaphor with our guest, Greg Callaghan, a childhood sexual abuse survivor and Vietnam Veteran. We explore what trauma is, why it happens, who it affects, how all trauma overlaps in some way, and why “trauma is trauma is trauma.”