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Meet Richard Turrell

Richard Turrell has worked in addictions and compulsive behaviors for over 12 years. He honed his craft in various residential and outpatient settings, developing a unique, relational, and individualized approach to working with his patients. Richard not only supports his clients in addressing target behaviors but also guides them through understanding and working with the underlying issues that drive unhelpful patterns.

Background and Education

Richard built on his professional background in finance and hospitality with a first-class degree from the University of Bath. He further developed his expertise by pursuing an Integrative Psychotherapy master’s degree at the renowned Metanoia Institute.

When he is not working, Richard enjoys traveling, skiing, and walking his dog, Casper.

More from Richard Turrell

ADHD and addiction often overlap, and the relationship is complex and difficult to manage without professional support. Several factors increase the likelihood of individuals with ADHD developing substance use disorders. Understanding the relationship between ADHD and addiction, exploring the contributing factors, and pursuing dual-diagnosis treatment can help individuals and their families find healing.

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Many people who struggle with substance misuse also experience a co-occurring mental health disorder. Leaving a mental health condition untreated can lead to worse treatment outcomes and a higher risk of relapse.

Dual-diagnosis treatment addresses addiction and mental health simultaneously without prioritising one condition over the other.

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