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Meet Coti Chase

Coti joined All Points North in 2022 as a Client Support Associate, having previously worked in the addiction treatment field for just over two years. He is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. When talking about his work, Coti says, “This is my passion, my heart, and my soul.” Coti has personally been clean and in recovery for three years and says, “I fully understand and can relate to the way our clients think and feel on day one. I am them. It’s very important to me to know that I have similar experiences and can give them hope. I firmly believe that if I can do it, they can do it. I went from a rehab resident to a rehab employee to being certified in the field. I love what I do. I truly am honored to work in such a groundbreaking facility with all-around care.”

Coti loves being a part of All Points North. He thrives on the relationships that he gets to build with APN clients and the hope that he gets to offer. Coti moved to the Vail Valley from Delaware for the opportunity to work with All Points North and says he couldn’t be happier.