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Meet Alex Gibson

Alex Gibson is a registered mental health nurse and an accredited cognitive and behavioral therapist (CBT). He roots his approach to health and well-being in compassionate and supportive therapeutic relationships – sometimes with shared humor when appropriate, but always with care and empathy.

Alex works collaboratively with his clients to directly address problems and disrupt the vicious cycle of negative self-talk and unhelpful coping mechanisms, which can hold us back and make us feel down and anxious. His empathy for his clients stems from his own lived experience navigating anxiety and neurodiversity.

Background and Education

Alex trained as a nurse with the Royal Defence Medical College and has postgraduate qualifications from both York and Teesside Universities. Over the last twenty-five years, he has worked in adult mental health and occupational mental health settings such as the Royal Navy, private healthcare, charities, and the National Health Service.

Previously, Alex managed a large talking therapy service that won an award for equality and diversity innovations in mental health related to their support of the learning disability community. Most recently, Alex worked with a service that won the Outstanding Health Initiative award from the Society of Occupational Medicine.

Alex is particularly interested in both Complex and Acute PTSD, as well as other reactions to trauma, such as OCD, generalized anxiety, and depression; he has trained extensively in Trauma Focused CBT and narrative exposure therapy (NET). Alex is especially passionate about occupational mental health and has supported military veterans, blue light workers, the UK media industry, and blue chip companies across the UK.

Alex enjoys walking his Wire-Haired Dachshunds in his spare time and has set a goal of trying to walk in every Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK. His deep appreciation for nature has inspired him to offer walking therapy, which has benefited a few of his clients.