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Meet Benjamin Leyland

Benjamin has either witnessed or experienced a variety of the challenges that bring individuals and families to All Points North. Benjamin’s purpose, passion, and dedication to service align with APN’s mind-body-soul mission, making APN the perfect home for their electric enthusiasm and wide-reaching skillsets.

Education and Background

Benjamin attended Oxford University, where they earned a bachelor’s degree in theology, and then Oxford Brookes University, where they obtained a Masters in International Human Rights Law.

Benjamin is a veteran of multiple industries, including law, advertising, and entertainment. They found their true North Star working in transitional living, facilitating residential operations, marketing, admissions/intake, business development, and client coaching around various subjects, including life skills and spirituality.

Outside of work, you can find Benjamin writing, reading, exercising, playing the guitar, talking to dogs, and, most likely, sitting in Barnes & Noble in a fort made of books.